DIY & Crafts: Fun Art: Squirt Gun Painting With Kids

Summer is officially kicking in. Kids are most likely done with school and preparing for the big summer vacation. Which is why you need to be prepared — they’ll get bored so easily. So how about a fun art project in your backyard. I’m talking about squirt gun painting.


It’s the perfect time to get crafty with your kids so if you’re into summer art activities you only need to make sure you have the needed materials. Hand your little Picassos a compact water blaster, each. Make sure they’re fully tanked with liquid watercolors and ask them to aim the standing easel where you have already clipped either a bigger sheet of paper, or two smaller ones. Change the colors from time to time.

 Squirt Gun Painting: Rules

A few pointers. Make sure you install the easel in an open space, ideally outside. You wouldn’t want to have your walls painted, as well, right? One more thing you should consider is keeping an eye on your guys and make sure they are not actually shooting at each other. For sure they’ll say “Ohh mommy, I just missed the easel” – but don’t be fooled; the little critters are having fun adding some art to their t-shirts instead. And they just might think of hitting the sprinklers to take the colors off. But hey, it’s summer, why not


As for the art they have just created, be assured it’s going to be nothing short of amazing; bright and beautiful. And if you dare, have it framed and hanged somewhere outside for everyone to see.


Project idea by Fireflies and Mud Pies. Kudos to creative peeps!


If you already have water guns at home but no watercolors, you can always put dried markers in water and let them soak for a few minutes. And you can, of course, teach your kids a bit more about recycling that way?

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