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VIEW IN GALLERYHere is a good and simple weekend project to use up all those old newspapers — Make newspaper pots for seed-starting in just a few minutes .The another benefit to making recycled newspaper pots is that you can transplant your seedlings right into the garden, pot and all, and the newspaper will decompose naturally in the soil.

Materials you will need: newspapers, scissors, and a small can .


Directions :
1. Grab two pages of newspaper (so you have a four-sheet stack). Cut them into thirds lengthwise.
2. Cut newspaper into thirds lengthwise.
3. Place your can on the newspaper and leave about an inch hanging off the end. Roll the can along the newspaper until it’s loosely wrapped all the way around.
4. Roll newspaper around can.
5. Fold the edge of the newspaper down over the can, and work your way around until all the edges are folded over firmly.
6. Flip the can right side up.
7. Fold down edges of newspaper over can.
8. Slide the can out and you’ve got a thrifty and biodegradable seedling pot! Don’t worry if it seems like the pot is flimsy or unraveling, especially at the bottom. Once filled with seed starting mix and moistened, the pot is surprisingly sturdy and holds it shape well.
9. Finished recycled newspaper pots . Photo credit and more details @ Hgtvgardens.


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