DIY & Crafts: Crochet Lace Beach Shorts – Free Pattern and Guide

Why spend $150 on a pair of ultra-fashionable and super-sexy crochet lace shorts when you could make yourself a pair at home for less than a tenth of the price? And what’s more, making your own shorts means a 100% unique result that’s unlike anything else in the world – a priceless bonus with every pair!


One of the cutest looks of the summer season, you’ll find these lace shorts all over the world’s most fashionable beaches and boardwalks! Available via some of the High Street’s most iconic fashion brands, it’s hard to find a standard retail pair for less than $100 at best (they run at $150 on Etsy) — remarkable considering how simple they are!

So, why not arm yourself with a few basic tools, a world-class pattern (free, includes tutorial, too) and the colored lace of your choosing to come up with something that literally nobody has ever seen before? Go classic, go contemporary or go as wild as your imagination lets you – the sky’s the limit and you’ll have a blast in the process!

Lace Beach Shorts, Great as Gifts



If you’re not in the habit of spending OTT sums of money on gifts for your girlfriends, it’s more than worth considering switching to handmade gifts like these. Not only are you offering a gift that’s both gorgeous and glamorous, but also the unique sentiment that comes with a gift you’ve made from scratch yourself! From birthdays to Christmas and really any good reason for a girls’ night in, bring out a few of these and you’ll be blow away by the response!

You’ll find the patterns and instructions you need right here – just grab the lace of your choosing and go for it!




(Photo Source: Outstandingcrochet)

Crochet Lace Beach Shorts [Video Tutorial]

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