Home Idea & Gardening: DIY Terracotta Tabletop Fountain Project for Outdoors

There’s nothing more tranquil and relaxing than the sight and indeed the sound of a wonderful water feature. So really, why confine these delightful decorative touches to the garden when it’s so easy to create a DIY terracotta table top fountain with just a few basic supplies?


We specialize in finding extraordinary ways of using ordinary household products. Chances are you’ll have seen indoor water features fetching more than a pretty penny on sale, but trust us when we say there’s nothing more deeply satisfying than enjoying the results of your own work. Not that there’s a great deal of work involved – you could easily knock one of these beauties up with just a few hours to spare!

Blissful Beauty

As you can see, the main component used to create the fountain is the simple terracotta pot. Other than this, all you’ll really need to get up and running is a very basic fountain pump, the correct adhesive and any other decorative touches you’d like to add. Spend hundreds of dollars on a generic store-bought feature or create something truly unique at home for next to nothing – no prizes for guessing which of the two you’d find us doing!



There’s really nothing to the technique whatsoever and while we love the examples you’ll see on this page, the real fun comes in making up your own designs from scratch. Keep it simple or put your talents to something large, complex and creative – you’re guaranteed and amazing result, every time!

Perhaps best of all, we’ve found what’s undoubtedly one of the finest and easiest to follow video tutorials which will help guide you through the process from start to finish. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also totally free to access time and time again – just hit the link below and you’re away!

Terracotta Tabletop Fountain [VIDEO]


Another great project for a Terra Cotta Fountain is this one from Instructables. But we’ll let you decide which one you’ll build.



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