Accessories: Wonderful DIY Kids Finger Weaving


Finger weaving is fun ! This is a great boredom buster, travel-friendly craft — make your own bracelet, necklace, belt …just using your fingers ! It’s great for kids .You can buy just a bag of refill loops, and be well on your way to some finger weaving fun.

Finger weaving is a Native American art form used mostly to create belts, sashes, straps, and other similar items through a non-loom weaving process. We have featured finger knitted scarf project before , you will also like this new finger craft .Please check the link below for the tutorial shared by Chicacircle, learn how to finger weave to create some fun and colorful accessories. Have fun !

VIEW IN GALLERYClick here for the finger-weaving-fun Tutorial


DIY finger-knitting-scarf — Check tutorial here

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