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DIY & Crafts: Fun and Creative: DIY LEGO Designs for Kids and Adults

Lego is something that is loved by children all over the world. Not just that, but adults are often inspired by them too. Due to their geometrical shape they can easily be incorporated into a modern home as a clock or key holder. There are plenty of ways to use Lego blocks at home for both kids and adults. Check out our selection to find out what you can craft with ease!

1. Lego Soap


Fancy having a bit more fun at bath time, then why not consider making these fantastic looking Lego soaps from Just Crafty Enough. They will be loved by all as they are easy to make they won’t take long to complete.

2. Lego Key Holder


You can have fun customizing your own key holder out of a piece of Lego where you can attach your spare keys to keep them safe. It doesn’t take much to create this project and will make a lovely addition to your home. Check out Minieco for more information.

3. Lego Gift Box



Give someone a special gift this year with their very own handmade Lego gift box. These life size Lego boxes will look just like the toy pieces and are sure to bring a smile to someone’s face. To make your own simple gift boxes, check out Lines Across.

4. Lego Letter Art


This fantastic Lego letter art from My Life of Travels and Adventures is such a good idea and will make a lovely display in someone’s room. You could place it in a baby nursery or maybe your child’s bedroom to give them something handmade that you created yourself for them.

5. Lego Clock


This is such a cool idea and will look great in your child’s room who loves playing with Lego. To make your own, check out Our Nerd Home for more information. It couldn’t be any easier to make your own Lego clock either.

6. Lego Backpack Tags


If you’re searching for a unique way to keep your children’s backpacks safe then why not make them their own unique name tags to go on them with a Lego design? That way you’ll instantly know who’s bag belongs to who when you see the tags on them. To make your own, check out Simply Kelly Designs for more information.

7. Lego Crayons


What better way of giving your children endless hours of fun then with their very own handmade Lego crayons that they can colour with? This creation from Morning Creativity is super easy to make. Your children will love showing these off to their friends when they tell them that you made them. They are also the perfect size to add to birthday gift bags.

8. Lego Pots


If you want to use some flower pots for your home, but don’t have any pots to use, why not make use of some big Lego pieces that make an ideal flower pot stands. This was created by Journey Creativity where the pieces have been turned upside to hold the plants.

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