DIY & Crafts: Cozy Place for Your Cozy Crafts: 13 DIY Ways to Store Your Yarn

When it comes to yarn storage, we’ll be the first to admit that we do not have it under control. In fact, our yarn stash is actually so disorganized and overflowing that our family and friends like to make fun of us for it on a regular basis! We know that there are plenty of tubs and bins we could buy to just throw our yarn balls and skeins into and stash them out of the way in a closet, but part of us loves the colourful bundles so much that we have this kind of whimsical desire to store them in a way that’s a little more creative. That’s why we’ve been on the prowl lately for awesome, totally unique DIY yarn storage ideas that are a little more interesting than just heading down to the hardware store for a big plastic tub.

1. Diamond shaped cubby shelves


Have you ever built regular square shaped cubby shelves using adjustable pre-made building kits but spent the whole time wondering whether there might be an even more visually pleasing way to arrange those partitions so the cubbies sit on an angle and look way cooler? We have that thought just about every time we buy a set, but we usually refrain from trying it out because there aren’t many things that can be stored practically in that V-shape made by the tiled diamond cubbies. Yarn balls and skeins, however, are an awesome exception! See how Repeat Crafter Me used criss crossing cubby partitions to arrange theirs.

2. Peg board and pegs for yarn cakes


Are you actually the kind of yarn hoarder who prefers to wind your skeins before you bring them home, meaning you have a large collection of leftover (or perhaps still full) yarn cakes sitting around that you need to find a place for? Well, if you’ve got the space and you’d really like to make a statement with your knitting when it comes to decor, we might suggest taking a look at how Knits for Life used a peg board and metal pegs to create an entire colour coordinated yarn wall! We could stare at this for hours.

3. Stacked crate yarn shelves


Are you actually a huge fan of the idea of simply stacking your yarn, sorted by fibre, weight, and colour, into cubby shelves because you like how easy access that concept ism but you’re having trouble finding a pre-made cubby kit to set up that matches the rustic chic home decor scheme you’ve spent months trying to establish in your home? Then we have a feeling this DIY cubby idea outlined on Make and Do Crew will be much more up your alley! They suggest gathering old wooden crates in different sizes and styles, staining them all the same colour, and stacking them together on their sides like a game of Tetris so the openings face outward like the cubbies you’ve been looking for all along.

4. Yarn stored in CD and DVD shelves


If you’re going to get a little bit creative or resourceful in the yarn storage department, would you prefer to try and do something with a piece of furniture you already own? Well, since upcycling crafts and projects are actually one of our very favourite things about the DIY world, we can’t say we blame you! Check out how Diply used one of those old CD and DVD sized shelves that we definitely all owned in our homes at one point as a miniature yarn cubby shelf instead.

5. Organized, labelled tubs on shelves


Now, we understand that we did just talk about how simply buying a plastic tub from the store to store your yarn in wasn’t the most creative idea in the world, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get very DIY about how you organize and label those tubs if you think that really is the best storage option for you! We actually think a plastic tub with a lid is a great solution in very humid climates where lots of pests live because it keeps your yarn protected from damage. Check out how Ranters created a whole labelling and organization system for their stash when it came to both their yarn and their crafting supplies at large.

6. Vintage suitcase scrap yarn pile


Perhaps you actually live in a very small space and you’ve managed to somehow keep your yarn stash accordingly small as well, so you’re looking for a space efficient way to store the skeins that might also act as a decor piece, since anyone who visits your little apartment is bound to see it? Then you sound like the perfect person to give this vintage suitcase yarn storage idea featured on Pinterest a try! People will love seeing the bright colours you’ve collected over the years but the suitcase will give things an old fashioned wanderlust feel as well.

7. Small ends wrapped in an egg carton


Have you actually already found a yarn storage solution that you like and that you think is working well, but you’ll fully admit that the same thing cannot be said for your smaller yarn ends and leftovers? Well, some of these storage solutions might work just as well for your smaller pieces, but others might just lead to tangling and more disorganization. That’s why we were so pleased to com across this egg carton organizer idea featured on DIY Network! They’ve actually used their egg carton to store small bundles or embroidery floss, but you could absolutely wrap your leftover yarn ends around a piece of cardboard and pop them into the egg cups in the same way, stashing the carton on a shelf until you need a small length of something or decided to do a stash buster project in a few months.

8. Small yarn ends in clothespins


Perhaps you’re not a big fan of the egg carton idea because you don’t like the way the ones at your local grocery look and don’t really want to have that sitting around, but you’re actually still in the market for a way to store all your smallest ends that you just don’t have the heart to throw out? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Organizing Made Fun solved their stash issue using clothespins! They show you how to wrap the lengths of yarn around the outside and then pinch the ends in the pins so they stay in place.

9. Stacked basket towers


While we’re discussing yarn storage, have you actually also been looking for a more effective way to get your “works in progress” or “WIPs” sorted a little more effectively as well? Now there’s a project we’ll fully admit that we should also be undertaking! Of course, for some things, like sweaters or afghans, you’ll need a little more space than some of the cubbies and tubs we’ve shown you so far. That’s why we thought this stacking or tiered basket idea outlined on Arian Armstrong was such a good one! We also like that this idea is low maintenance, making it easy to reach over and grab a project to finish it off whenever you have a moment.

10. Wall mounted basket shelves


Maybe you’re still actually very into the square cubby design indeed but you’re just not sure you have the floor space for yet another standing shelf on the floor, so you’ve been looking for a way to make that project a wall mounted one? Well, we think Red Berry Crochet might have found just the solution for you! They suggest getting a series of plastic organizing baskets or crates with holes in the sides, turning them on their sides so the bottoms sit against the wall, and screwing them into the wall through the holes in a grid, letting you choose however many cubbies your stash needs!

11. Needle and basket yarn spinner


Are you actually currently working on a fancy colour work project that involves using a number of shades at once and you’re looking for a way to organize those balls specifically while you’re knitting it because you keep finding yourself getting tangled up and tied in knots when you swap colours for your stitches? Then we’d suggest grabbing a spare long, straight needle and an organizing basket with holes in the sides that’s around the same length. Crochet Rockstar shows you how to make a “yarn spinner” that will keep your cakes in place but let them turn as you pull the yarn as well, for neater feeding towards your needle tips!

12. Tips for sensical stash organization


Perhaps you’ve actually already chosen a yarn storage method and purchased or made everything you need to make it happen, and now the only challenge you have left to struggle with is how to organize all of your yarns in their different fibres, weights, and colours in a way that makes sense and will help you find exactly what you’re looking for easily enough in the future? Then we have a feeling you’ll find this resource from Jaime D. Designs, which provides you with all kinds of yarn specific organizing tips and tricks, very useful indeed.

13. Sample info stash scrapbook


Now that you’ve found awesome suggestions for how to store your yarn and how to organize or label it, are you actually intent on taking that idea one step further and cataloguing your yarns because you really do own so many that they’ve become hard to keep track of? Then you’re the perfect yarn crafting enthusiast to give this scrapbook featured on Look At What I Made a try! They show you how to arrange and print a details and yarn info sheet that you can make into a book, documenting the brand, fibre, weight, and colour way of each thing in your stash, looping a sample of each yarn right onto the edge of the page.

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