Anyone with an interest in kiddy-crafts will know that when it comes to household supplies, there’s nothing with more potential than a simple cardboard tube! With a little imagination and a dash of inspiration, these little brown tubes can be transformed into a million and one different things – anything from toys to decorations and right through to useful stationary holders!


However, we have to say that this gorgeous little Fairy House design is one of our all-time favorites – ideal as a project for that little lady in your life! It’s a brilliantly simple basic design that allows you to go wild with your imagination and come up with the Fairy House of your dreams! And given the fact that most households get through hundreds of these little brown cardboard tubes every year, why not put every single one of them to good use? [Images from FeltedArtToWear]

Simple Steps, Amazing Results

Take a look a little further down the page and you’ll find the free tutorial video you’ll need to make the marvelous little creations at home in a matter of minutes. You’ll need nothing more than a bunch of tubes, the paints of your choosing, scissors and a little paper glue – it’s your imagination that does the hard work!

And while they look amazing enough when used as decorative ornaments for a little girl’s bedroom, they’re even more incredible when transformed into a decorative string of lights using simple and safe LEDs! Get your own little girl involved in the process or perhaps whip up the surprise of her life in a few hours over the weekend – chances are you’ll both be amazed by the results! (Image courtesy of Itsybitsyfun)


Fairy Houses [Video Tutorial]

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