This styrofoam rose ornament looks so pretty, it’s perfect for your Christmas decoration. Using your favorite color paper to create some rose ball ornaments, put them in a glass bowl to decorate a Christmas table, or hang them on the Christmas tree, or your room… It’s simple to make, follow the below instructions please…

What you will need:
Styrofoam ball ,
crepe paper,
glue gun and needle.


Directions :
1. Take the needle and push in a ribbon (long enough to tie a bow when done) into the hole you made.
2. Roll up the crepe paper into a tube and cut into little squares. Unravel it and bend the corner down to look like a triangle. Twirl the remaining crepe paper around that triangle and continue twirling at that angle until you get a rose.
3. Seal it and glue it onto the Styrofoam ball. Repeat for the rest of the roses.
4.Place pearls wherever you like and you can add glitter at the end!

DIY pretty-wedding-pomander/ kissing-ball

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