DIY & Crafts: Tractor Bunk Bed for Boys

Why spend a fortune on a plain and boring bunk bed for the boys, when you could make your own incredible tractor bed with just a few simple supplies?


It may look like a huge undertaking and one best-suited to the professionals, but this gorgeous tractor bed you’re looking at right here is deceptively simple to build. We only ever search out and share real DIY projects that can be gone about at home, so take it from us when we say that not only is it possible, it’s easier than you’d think!


You’ll be so proud of the bed you come up with and the little boys in your life will feel like all their birthdays have come at the same time. And of course, chances are that the moment they get wind of what it is you’re making, you wouldn’t be able to stop then from giving you a helping hand if you tried!

John Deere Tractor Bed: DIY Home Project

Take a look at the inspiring examples across the page before heading over to the site of your choosing to access the full DIY building guide you’ll need. Chances are you’ll already have all the tools you’ll need for the job lying around at home, so it’s a case of just arming yourself with the timber and accessories – you’ll save a fortune on store-bought bunk bed prices!

Give your kids a say in the color you’ll paint the tractor and any other decorative touches they might like – play your cards right and this will be one bed they’ll want to hang onto for years to come!


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1. New Holland Tractor Boys Bed

If you’re not a John Deere fan, then you can pick another great brand: “New Holland”. Like the one below. It’s just as cool. Courtesy: IkeaHackers


2.  Dump Truck Bed Design

A full guide is available on Instructables. Just make sure you have enough space at home.


3. DIY Buldozer Bed for Boys

And if one of your kids is the Excavator or Buldozer type, why not build them one of these? They look so much fun.


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