DIY & Crafts: Wonderful DIY Cute Sock Teddy Bear

VIEW IN GALLERYVIEW IN GALLERYThis is a very cute DIY project and your children will love the outcome of it —make a sock teddy bear. It looks so fun and easy !
You will need: a sock (any color you would like your teddy bear to be), a piece of white material, scissor, needle, thread, pencils and cotton wool). First of all, start drawing the teddy bear on the sock, just like in the picture. When you are ready, start cutting the sock. We will make the head of the bear first and then the body. Fill the head with some cotton wool, do not forget to fill the ears too. Then place the white material on the head of the bear and draw the eyes, then sew them with the thread. After that take the body of the teddy bear, and fill this too with cotton wool. When you are done, just attach the body to the head by sewing the two parts. You can also add a button, as the nose of the teddy bear and sew a cute little mouth. And there you have it, a cute toy for your children.

photo courtesy: Pinteresting

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