Accessories: Wonderful DIY Cute Mini Fabric Tote


Here we will show you how you can make a mini tote from fabric. You can wear it everywhere, it is perfect for keeping your money, phone and other small stuff in it. It’s great for a make-up bag also. You can do as many as you want for every purpose, so give it a try.

You will need:
– fabric (you choose the pattern);
– batting;
– zipper;
– scissors;
– sewing kit;
– ruler
– sewing machine.

1. Take the batting and cut it into the model like you can see in the pictures.
2. Take the fabric and follow the same cut as the batting.
3. Sew the zipper onto the fabric, cut out some batting, sew it on and prepare the dotted down part of the bag.
4. Follow the picture instructions to sew the interior batting and with some thread and a needle sew it gently to the zipper and you are finished.


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