Accessories: Wonderful DIY Rainbow Loom Hibiscus Flower Bracelet


Make this Rainbow Loom Hibiscus Flower Bracelet and Show-off to your friends and family , they will be asking you to make one for them as well! Here is a demonstration video to create the Hibiscus Bracelet on the Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level pattern. You will need 30 pink, 15 orange, 15 neon orange, and 23 neon green bands, your Rainbow Loom in a rectangular shape, your sorting chart, as well as your hook and 6 “c” clips to complete this bracelet. Your eyes will be delighted by the beautiful color combinations you can make. You will enjoy the process of making. Use the complete and detailed instructions you can find in the video above and let yourself be a child for a short time. The investment is small and the possibilities of creations are basically endless. Choose your favorite rubber colors and start playing!

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