Accessories: Wonderful DIY Lovely Dragonfly Brooch with Zippers


How many creative things can be done with zippers. What about a cute dragonfly accessory? Many people are creating their own fashion looks without spending too much money. Check out the video and find the steps. Have fun !

What you will need:
a brooch,
sewing machine or hand sewing needle,
pair of scissors,
zipper tape 56 inches alternatively 28 inches zipper separated,
non-woven material scrap for the inside of the butterfly.

1. Start by preparing the zipper. Use the zipper tape and cut it up to form the body of the dragonfly.
2. Position the dragonfly. Segment the zipper.
3. Cut two large segments for the upper part of the body and two smaller segments for the bottom part of the body.
4. Use a piece of the cut off zipper part and create the tail.
5. You should now place the dragonfly’s skeleton on the material scrap and use the ruler and a marker to mark out the pieces you need.
6. Take the pair of scissors and cut up the pieces needed for your dragonfly. Apply the glue on the inside part of the dragonfly skeleton and stick the pieces of the material inside.
7. After the glue dries up, you should use the sewing machine and saw the pieces of material together with the zipper to make them hold permanently.
8. Take the brooch and saw it into position to make the dragonfly’s head.
Your DIY idea is complete and you can now rock your DIY Dragonfly Brooch made from zippers and stand out! Enjoy !

Photo Credit: Pinteresting

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