DIY & Crafts: Easy DIY Cardboard Cupcake Stand – Free Template Guide

To look at this amazing cupcake stand, you’d be hard-pressed to believe that the main ingredient is – cardboard! That’s the secret to its simplicity and also its amazing looks, so why not follow the guide you’ll find below and whip one up at home today?


Cupcakes are amazing for any special occasion, but when it comes to presenting them in the prettiest way possible, there’s really nothing better than a gorgeous cake stand! Of course, you could always go out and invest in the real deal for a rather hefty price tag, but the way we see it there’s nothing more impressive or more meaningful than the kind of project you tackle at home with your own two hands! And of course, the fact that it takes no time at all to make this amazing cupcake stand is an added bonus – just a few minutes of your time and you’re done!

Cupcake Heaven!



Aside from the cupcakes of course…which we’d like to think you’ll be making yourself…you’ll need just a few basic supplies to get up and running, which include:

  • Cutting board
  • Matte cardboard
  • Spray paint
  • Knife
  • Ruler

Cupcake Stand: Step by Step Guide

  • You can download a template here (!!! direct download link), after which it’s simply a case of cutting out the necessary shapes
  • Assemble the parts as specified in the instructions
  • Use a safe spray paint to give the whole stand a splash of color – we love using gold and other metallic, but you can choose any color you like!


What’s even better about these cute little stands is that with just a tiny bit of care and attention, you can use and reuse them time and time again! Great as gifts, perfect for keeping around the home and a wonderful project to get the kids involved with too!

Photography by Amanda Thomsen

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