DIY & Crafts: Simple DIY Homemade Slippers for Home

Trust us when we say that just as soon as you’ve made your very first pair of DIY slippers, you might never buy another pair again! We’ve come across so many simple slipper, sneaker and shoe projects over the years, but not come close to the ease of this one! With nothing more than just a few sheets of fabric and a household sewing machine, you’ll be amazed how a few minutes of your time is all it takes to produce professional quality slippers at home!


DIY Slippers – Free Guide

With just a few basic supplies and the free guide shared below, you’ll have no trouble making your own custom slippers in no time at all! And what’s more, just as soon as you pick up the basic technique, you’ll be able add a little creativity into the mix and create wholly unique designs all of your own!


As mentioned, the tools and supplies you’ll need are:

  • Material of your choosing – felt, leather etc.
  • Sharp scissors
  • A household sewing machine
  • Pen or pencil for marking


  1. Use the image above as a guide for cutting the shape of fabric needed
  2. Measure your own slipper size using your foot or an existing slipper
  3. Mark out the shape and cut it our using the scissors
  4. Fold and sew the slipper around the edged using a sewing machine



That’s really all there is to it! Feel free to experiment with as many different materials as you like (or if you just want to get a pair, head over to Etsy, they cost some $35). For softer materials you could even try sewing them by hand – perfect if you don’t have access to a machine! You could also try adding a soft lining to the slippers you make for an added touch of warmth and comfort, or perhaps fashion the whole things out of soft fleece for use as baby shoes!

Let us know how you get on in the comments section below and share your ideas with our readers!

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