DIY & Crafts: Wonderful DIY Romantic Black Lace Candles


It’s easy to create a sweet setting with this Craft Of The Day. These lace candle holders are so pretty, and will add charm to any room or tablescape. It’s a great DIY you’ll want to try and they would make a lovely handmade gift!
You can customize them with whatever color lace will match your decor. When burning in a dimly-lit room, these candle holders cast lovely soft shadows on the walls of your space. Romantic, we know! Ready to add a little interest to an ordinary candle holder?

Simple glass votives are wrapped in black lace trim (this type of lace can be found in the ribbon section and sold by the yard at most craft and fabric stores.).
Pick up a yard or two of black lace trim, cut off a strip that covers the perimeter of your votive candle. Using a needle and black thread, overlap the edges and make small stitches to tack in place.
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