DIY & Crafts: Wonderful DIY beautiful leafy earrings

This is a simple tutorial for beautiful earrings . The leafy is very special and shiny, I love it so much !

Here I’d like to share some knowledge about earrings with you :
Can an earring’s style enhance your features? Which style earring is best for you? Where do you begin the design process? These are common questions jewelry designers ask themselves. The best starting point is to determine your face shape. Is yours round, square, oval or heart-shaped? Once you determine your face shape, explore the style best suited for you.

There are three basic earring styles designers depart from–linear, chandelier and hoop. Each of the three earring styles can accentuate and enhance your features, and also balance areas you wish to downplay. For example, as with clothing, vertical lines in earring styles will draw the eye upwards and visually elongate features. Horizontal lines will draw the eye from side to side and accent the width of your face.

Round Face: Vertical lines of elongated, linear, drop-style and narrow chandelier earrings will add height and provide an overall slimming effect for your face, emphasizing vertical lines.

Square Face: Round contours of hoops, long teardrops and long, narrow chandelier earrings will visually soften the edges of a square face while adding visual height.

Oval Face: Hoops in circles, triangles and ovals as well as teardrops and chandeliers enhance an oval face.
Heart-Shaped Face: Horizontal lines of hoops, teardrop-shaped linear forms and chandeliers that are wider at the bottom than the top will add width to your face and soften the effects of a pointed chin.

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