Fashion & beauty: 16 Cute Crochet Girls Dresses with Patterns

We’ve been at it again – searching all four corners of the web to bring to you the 16 very best patterns for amazing crochet dresses for girls! And once again, everything we’re bringing to you today is 100% free of charge – the best patterns without having to pay a penny!


It’s one thing to buy that special little lady in your life a cute little dress, but to make it yourself by hand means more than any price tag ever could. As a true labor of love, you’ll be stitching your own message of love and caring into every last inch of the dress from start to finish – the fact that it looks absolutely amazing is of course a nice bonus too!

Crochet Girls Dresses For All Occasions

Whether you’re looking to turn your hand to a cute little day dress for the summer or something more suited to special occasions, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for right here! These patterns are all fabulous in every way, but of course the real fun is often getting creative with what you have to play with and putting that little bit of personal magic into the design!

Choose your own colors or follow the examples below – either way you simply cannot go wrong! And while it will probably help if you have at least a little crochet experience, this is the perfect kind of project for newcomers to get started with and practice their way to perfection!

So much more affordable, so much more fun and so much more meaningful than buying from a store – why would you ever choose anything else?

1. Wendy Thread Gown

VIEW IN GALLERYFree Pattern by Mammathatmakes

2. Sunny day girl’s dress

VIEW IN GALLERYFree pattern from Ravelry

3. Crochet Dress for 3 Year Old

VIEW IN GALLERYFree pattern by Craftideas.

4. Crochet summer dress

VIEW IN GALLERYFree pattern from Ravelry .

5. Rows ‘o Ruffles Dress

VIEW IN GALLERYRows ‘o Ruffles Dress , Free pattern by Treva McCain, sure to be a summer favorite.

6. Ripple Dress

VIEW IN GALLERYFree pattern by Janette Williams

7. Petal Ruffle Dress

VIEW IN GALLERYFree pattern by Kayla Anderson.

8. Crochet Baby Dress, Hat and Booties Set

VIEW IN GALLERYPerfect for baby a shower, there’s a free pattern here.

9. Crochet Valentine Dress

VIEW IN GALLERYThe “I heart my dress” is available on WD.

10. Darling One-Piece Romper & Hat

VIEW IN GALLERYCreative stuff : from Reaheart.

11. Pink Crochet Summer Dress

VIEW IN GALLERYYou’re lucky ladies, this pink beauty comes with a free pattern.

12. Crochet sweet heart dress

VIEW IN GALLERYReady for Valentine’s Day already? Here’s yourfree pattern to make this.

13. Crochet Solomon’s Knot Dress

VIEW IN GALLERYWe even have a video for this one. It’s so amazing: with free pattern

14.Little Girl’s Vintage Crochet Dress

VIEW IN GALLERYFree pattern by AnooCrochet.

15. Pretty dress hat set

VIEW IN GALLERYLooking for a Christmas gift? We’ll teach you how to do this.

16. Girls Cute Summer Dress

VIEW IN GALLERYThere’s a free diagram here, if interested.

What to combine your dress with?

Cool crochet sun hats

Crochet booties

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