How do you crochet a big yarn blanket?

How do you do an invisible decrease in crochet?

How do you do decrease?

What does Dec mean in crochet?

Double crochet decrease (dc dec): Work a double crochet in the specified stitch until two loops remain on the hook (see illustration 4).

What does P mean in crochet?

Picot Stitch (p)

What does BB mean in crochet?

How much does hook size affect crochet?

Size 5 starts to get a little thicker (considered bulky) and size 6 is known as super bulky. The bigger the yarn, the larger the hook size you’ll need to use (and the larger the finished product will be as well).26 sept. 2016

How do you match a crochet hook to a yarn?

What is a 9 mm crochet hook?

The 9 mm crochet hook size is perfect to crochet chunky blankets, sweaters and more! It has the letter sizes M or N and the number 13 depending on the manufacturer. The 9 mm is a great hook to have to make bulky yarn or super bulky yarn projects with.

What happens if you use too small of a crochet hook?

What if i use a smaller crochet hook? A smaller hook will have smaller gaps and tighter connections with the yarn. This is similar to yarn weight, another important factor in choosing crochet materials. The lighter the weight of yarn, the thinner and smaller the crochet piece will be.30 oct. 2018

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