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How do you draw a face?

Why does Hattie Stewart create her work?

No, Hattie Stewart is actually an artist, a young Essex-born, London-based artist with a playful, exuberant and somewhat cheeky style. A self-proclaimed “professional doodler”, her work is inspired by the cartoons she devoured as a child, and by the likes of artists such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring.12 sept. 2020

How do you make a laughing lip?

How do you draw smiling lips?

How do I get smiling lips?

What are lips for?

Lips allow us to chew and swallow with our mouth closed; to hold onto things like nails and clothes pegs, and to suckle at the breast. But even more importantly, our lips are used in communication. They allow us to smile, to bare our teeth and to kiss.

How do you draw smiling baby lips?

How do you make dimples on your face?

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