How do you draw a person?

How do you draw a gumball machine?

How do you draw a gumball?

How do you draw a guy?

How do you draw a knife?

How do you draw a fortnite AR?

What’s a Zentangle Doodle?

Introduction: Zentangle Doodling

Zentangle is an abstract art form where the artists draws repetitive, simple patterns. Usually the patterns are drawn using a black marker on white paper and sometimes the artist will color them in.

What is zen doodling?

Zen Doodling (aka zentangles) is a style of doodling/drawing that allows someone to create intricate designs by completing small areas of patterns. The process is incredibly simple and produces amazing results.23 avr. 2020

What media does Hattie Stewart use?

Hattie: “I use Posca pens. Oh my God. They are literally the best pens in the world, because I love to work on so many different materials, and work in so many different realms. Posca pens let me draw on leather and draw on windows.6 avr. 2016

What technique does Hattie Stewart use?

Hattie Stewart on ‘doodle-bombing’, imbalances in the creative industries and hard work. Hattie Stewart is a London-based illustrator and professional doodler whose ‘doodle-bombing‘ technique has appeared on the covers of Sunday Times Style, GQ Style and Stylist magazines.29 sept. 2017


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