What is a Hong Kong seam in sewing?

What is an edge stitch?

The edge stitch is the line of stitches used to neaten an edge, a seam or to stitch around the edge of a facing to keep the edge nice and flat and looking professional. The stitching distance is usually ⅛ inch (3mm) from the edge. This technique is common on the edge of denim seams and adds strength and decoration.

What is the difference between a French seam and a flat felled seam?

A flat felled seam shows stitching on the right side (think of the seams on the side of a pair of jeans), while a french seam does not (it is found in many high end sheer garments).14 jui. 2007

When should you Preshrink your fabric?

It’s worth the time to preshrink your fabric before sewing to avoid any mishaps after your garment is made. Preshrinking fabric will also let you know how it holds up to being laundered.11 jan. 2020

What are the 4 basic seams?

All basics seams used in clothing construction are variants on four basic types of seams:

  • Plain seams.
  • French seams.
  • Flat-fell seams.
  • Lapped seams.

1 oct. 2015

What seam is used on jeans?

The looped seam is the most commonly used seam. It is used in jeans meanufacture because of its strong construction. The French seam is commonly used for rain wear, and edge stitching front facings on jackets and dresses.

What is the strongest stitch?


Are knitting and sewing the same?

Sewing will have you taking two pieces of fabric and stitching them together. Knitting begins by creating a fabric through a variety of stitches. The creations that come out of knitting and sewing look vastly different, which is why they’re used for different projects.6 sept. 2021

What is the most common seam used in sewing?

plain seam


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