How do you draw a spoon easy?

To make the handle, draw a stretched drop shape and bend it a little in the end. Draw the body of the spoon by making an oval attached to the handle. Using the outline as reference, draw another line following it. This will give some depth to your spoon.

How do you make Procreate less pixelated TikTok?

What’s a clipping mask Procreate?

A clipping mask is a layer that is placed above your original artwork. Any work placed onto a clipping mask layer will be clipped to the layer directly below it. Clipping masks in Procreate work the same way that a clipping mask works in Photoshop.

How do I color a line in procreate?

Click on the Select tool in Procreate’s top toolbar. Make sure that automatic is selected. Tap inside of the element you want to color. Select your paintbrush, and start coloring.

How do I lock a circle in procreate?

How do you alpha lock a circle in procreate?

Why isn’t my Alpha Lock working?


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