How do you make a turtle?

What does the ❄ emoji mean on TikTok?

People use the emoji as a way to shut down a discussion, essentially saying the equivalent of “you can’t handle criticism or my very smart brain, so I’m just going to call you a snowflake and then leave.” Obviously, it’s super effective and immediately hurts the feelings of whoever is being called a snowflake.

What does 🦋 emoji mean?

Butterfly emoji

What is the horse Emoji?

The Horse emoji 🐎 depicts a horse. It is commonly used to refer to actual horses, horse racing, or to figurative uses of the word horse. It is often used alongside the Horse Face emoji 🐴 and the Horse Racing emoji 🏇.

What does this emoji mean 👅 🍆?

👅 🍑 💦 = I’d like to eat your booty.

What is the meaning of 👁 👅 👁?

👁👄👁 means you feel helpless amidst the chaotic realities unfolding around us, but there is no escape. When someone or something is just too much, and you’re just left thinking “well, this is awkward”. Subscribe.


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