Is it hard to knit socks?

How do you knit fingerless gloves with straight needles?

What can I make with a knitting Nancy?

What can you make with a knitting mushroom?

What can you make with a spool knitter?

  1. Flowers.
  2. Bookmark.
  3. Christmas Ornaments.
  4. Doll Crafts.
  5. Pins.
  6. Magnets.
  7. More and more.

How do you finger knit Red Ted?

How do you make a butterfly out of yarn?

How do you knit small flowers?

How do you knit a daisy cluster?

How do you knit a rose?

How do you knit a sunflower?

How do you knit daffodils?

Cut a piece of yarn (orange or yellow) 20 cm (8 in) long and wrap round a needle as shown. Tie 6 knots as shown above. Thread each tail of yarn through to the back of the daffodil and secure tightly. The bloom is now complete and ready to add to your egg cosy.


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