What are fun things to knit?

25 Incredibly Easy & Awesome Knitting Projects

  1. Puff Daddy. Puff is the Norwegian word for stool.
  2. Malabrigo weave scarf.
  3. Knitted Baby Bow Hat.
  4. Bitty Baby Booties.
  5. DIY Knit Pumpkins.
  6. Knitted Chevron Blanket.
  7. Toft Alpaca Beehive Hats.
  8. Knitted Coasters.

How do you knit a star?

Can you finger knit a blanket?

Can you finger knit a scarf?

You can really finger knit anywhere you want because all you need is some yarn and your fingers! It may take the first few rows before you perfect the looping process, but then it begins to feel like instinct, and you’ll have a finished scarf in no time at all.

Can you finger knit a hat?

Though beanie hats no doubt are for the more experience finger knitters, I thought that these are a great project for those kids (tweens/ teens/ grown ups??) who still love finger knitting but have moved on to something “bigger”. The great thing about these hats, is that they are relatively quick and easy to make.

How do you knit a simple flower?

Can knitting be a career?

While knitting is often seen as more of a hobby than a career, knitting jobs can be very profitable for a fast knitter, creative designer, or niche repairman.

How do I name my knitting business?

Knitting Business Name Ideas:

  1. Knitting Grandmas. A super cute name that could work well for a quirky, family-owned business.
  2. Trendy Knits. An informative name that could suit a variety of businesses.
  3. Knitted Sleepwear. Simple and meaningful.
  4. Reknitted.
  5. Knitted Babe.
  6. Knitting Party.
  7. Knits Galore.
  8. Knitted Plushies.


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