Can honey damage hair?

Can I mix egg and aloe vera for hair?

Aloe vera and egg mask for dry hair

In a bowl, take three teaspoons of aloe vera gel, and add one egg. Mix using a spoon to form a smooth paste-like consistency. Apply on your hair and scalp using a brush. Wear a shower cap and let it rest for about half an hour.

How can I double my hair growth?

Is honey good for your hair?

Honey has both emollient and humectant properties, making it a great hair moisturizer. Emollients smooth the hair follicles, adding shine to dull hair. Humectants bond with water molecules, adding moisture to dry strands. By moisturizing and locking in shine, honey can help restore the natural luster of your hair.

Does honey lighten hair permanently?

Honey does not lighten hair permanently. Not does it completely remove color from your tresses. All it does is turn your hair a few shades lighter. For example, if you have dark brown hair, using hair masks like honey and lemon juice regularly can turn your hair into a light chestnut or caramel color.


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