How do you make a no sew seat cover?

What are sofa covers called?


What is a DVD slipcase?

A slipcase is a five-sided box, usually made of high-quality cardboard, into which binders, books or book sets are slipped for protection, leaving the spine exposed.

Can you slipcover a couch with attached cushions?

Attached back cushions on a sofa or loveseat can be a little tricky to slipcover. To get the best fit, I detach them and cover each one individually. This method is actually very simple and works great when the attached cushions are pillow-style.

What is the cover of a DVD called?

A keep case or poly-box is a type of packaging, most commonly used with DVDs (and sometimes CDs).

How do you install Easy Going stretch slipcovers?

How can I cover my couch cheaply?

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