Is grey hair a 2021 style?

What is ceramic perm?

Ceramic Perm

Ceramic perms are well-defined S curls achieved by heating your hair using ceramic curlers. As ceramic curlers heat up the hair to a higher temperature, the curls tend to last longer and create curls that are more voluminous and “heavier” than digital perm.

Are hair perms coming back?

With A-list celebrities ahead of the curve, perm hair made a remarkable comeback last year, and the trend is hot in 2022. However, nowadays perms are quite different from those super-curly backcombed looks we saw back in the 80s.

Can you get a loose wavy perm?

Can you get a wavy perm? Yes, wavy perms are possible on most hair types, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re advisable for all hair types.

Can you brush permed hair?

Avoid brushing.

No matter how you detangle your hair, never use a brush on permed hair. This will separate your curls and can cause your hair to be frizzy. In addition, brushing may damage delicate permed strands. Scrunch hair daily.

Should I perm or highlight my hair first?


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