How do you do invisible decrease?

How do you make a sock dog?

How do you make a sock owl?

How do you make a teddy bear out of a sock?

Making some sock dolls are so fun.

  1. Draw the template of the Teddy bear head on the sock and cut it out.
  2. Do the same with the body part of the Teddy bear.
  3. Insert cotton filling into the head template and sew to close.
  4. Sew a piece of cotton gauze for the face.
  5. Sew buttons and beads for the eyes, nose and mouth.

How do you crochet a bug?

How do you crochet a monarch butterfly?

How do you crochet a big butterfly?

How do you crochet a butterfly video?

How do you crochet a Amigurumi jellyfish?

How do you crochet a squid?

How do you crochet an octopus step by step?


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