Can I use DK instead of Aran?

What is the most expensive wool?

Vicuña Wool

Which wool is least itchy?

Unlike other wools and synthetic material, merino wool doesn’t itch at all – it is the softest of all wool.

Which wool is the softest?

Merino wool

What ply is Aran yarn?

Collection of yarns in approximately 10-12 ply, between DK and Chunky. Also known as Worsted, Aran or Afghan yarn. This suits needle sizes 4.5 – 5.5 mm.

Is worsted yarn better than woollen yarn?

In side-by-side comparison of worsted and woolen yarns with the same fiber and yarn structure, the worsted yarn is more durable, less warm, and heavier than a woolen yarn. The packing-in of the fiber as worsted yarn is made allows the fibers to protect each other for longer wear and less pilling.

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