How do you crochet a cabbage rose?

What does Yoh mean in crochet?

Wrap the yarn from back to front over the hook (or hold the yarn still and maneuver the hook). This movement of the yarn over the hook is used over and over again in crochet and is usually called “yarn over“, abbreviated as “yoh”.

How do you crochet a large flower for beginners?

How do you crochet a 3d sunflower?

How do you crochet a large sunflower?

Why sunflower is a golden ratio?

Therefore, seeds in a sunflower follow the pattern of the Fibonacci sequence. The golden angle plays an important role for the creation of this distinct alignment of seeds. The golden angle is approximately 137.5° and seeds in the sunflower are arranged according to it (Prusinkiewicz and Lindenmayer, 1990, p. 100).

How do you crochet Sunburst?

How do you crochet a 3d Granny Square?

How do you crochet a bunch of flowers?


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