How do you crochet two together? 0:34 1:55 Bring up a loop insert your hook into the next stitch. And bring up a loop wrap the yarn around theMore Episode 174: How to Single Crochet Two Together (sc2tog) – YouTube › watch Search for: How do you crochet two together?

How do you add a twist to yarn?

How do you wind two balls of yarn together?

Can you spin 2 yarns together?

How does a yarn balance work?

The yarn balance is a plastic box with an arm suspended by a pivot. The arm length is calibrated by weight and swings to level when you have enough yarn on the balance to give you the yards per pound (ypp) when multiplied by 100.

What is balanced and unbalanced yarn?

Unbalanced yarns are often yarns that are spun with extra twist with the idea of plying them together with other overtwisted yarns. When they are plied together in the opposite direction, this extra twist is removed making the new, plied yarn a balanced yarn.

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