How do you make a magic ring for dummies?

How do you do a double loop in knitting?

How do you crochet a floating loop?

How do you start a cross stitch loop?

What does Invdec mean in crochet?

What does P mean in crochet?

Picot Stitch (p)

What does FO mean in crochet?

FO. Finished Object. This is just what it says. A knit or crochet project that is entirely finished – including hiding the yarn ends … The opposite of an FO might be OTN, PHD, WIP or UFO.

What does Rs stand for in crocheting?

RS = right side; crochet has both a “right side” and “wrong side” when worked in rows, and either one may be facing so it can be helpful to distinguish them as some patterns do. sc = single crochet, one of the most basic and often-used crochet stitches.

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