How do you spin socks?

How yarn is formed?

A single yarn is made from a group of filament or staple fibers twisted together. Ply yarns are made by twisting two or more single yarns. Cord yarns are made by twisting together two or more ply yarns.

Is silk staple or filament?

All natural fibers except silk are staple fibers. Filament yarns are collections of long continuous filament fibers. Silk is such a fiber, and manufactured fibers are produced in filament form. The manufactured filaments can then be cut into staple lengths if staple yarns are desired.

What is difference between yarn and thread?

The main difference between thread and yarn is that threads are for sewing and embroidery while yarn is used for knitting, weaving and sewing. Threads and yarn are long, thin strands of natural or synthetic fibres. Yarn can make fabrics, sewing, weaving, crocheting, knitting, embroidery and ropemaking.


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