How do you tell the thickness of yarn?

What is an example of novelty yarn?

The most common types of novelty yarn are bouclé yarn, eyelash yarn, ladder yarn, self-striping yarn, and ribbon yarn. Bouclé yarn, also known as flammé or textured yarn, looks more fluffy than most regular yarn.

What are textile characteristics?

Textiles are specific types of materials characterised by a unique combination of properties including strength, flexibility, elasticity, softness, durability, heat insulation, low weight, water absorbency/repellence, dyeability and resistance to chemicals.

What does WPI mean in yarn?

To calculate the wraps per inch (WPI), simply wrap the yarn around a pencil or knitting needles.

What is fingering yarn?

What is Fingering Weight Yarn? Fingering weight yarn is a smaller diameter yarn that usually has 400–450 yards per 100 grams. Alternatively called “Sock Yarn” this is the most common weight used for making socks because of its light weight creating a fine texture”

Is aran the same as worsted?

While they’re both considered medium weight yarns, worsted yarn is finer than aran weight yarn. Worsted yarn is often knit on 4.5mm needles with a gauge of 4.5-5 stitches per inch. Aran weight yarn is thicker and often loftier than worsted yarn.

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