Is aran wool the same as chunky?

How do I know what ply my yarn is?

What ply is worsted?

Worsted Weight Yarns | 10 Ply Yarns.

Is worsted yarn better than woollen yarn?

In side-by-side comparison of worsted and woolen yarns with the same fiber and yarn structure, the worsted yarn is more durable, less warm, and heavier than a woolen yarn. The packing-in of the fiber as worsted yarn is made allows the fibers to protect each other for longer wear and less pilling.

What does DK stand for in yarn?

DK stands for double knit yarn or wool. You might still see the term “double knit wool” in older knitting patterns. Most modern patterns and yarns just use the initials DK. To understand what DK yarn is, first you’ll have to know about ply.

What weight yarn is best for socks?

Most knitters think the best sock yarn weight is fingering. Socks made with fingering weight yarn tend to be more comfortable to wear, take up less room in shoes, and can be nicely tailored to your feet. Lace and light fingering weight yarns work well when you have a complicated pattern with a lot of stitches.

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Is worsted weight yarn chunky?

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