What is chunky yarn used for?

Is worsted the same as aran?

While they’re both considered medium weight yarns, worsted yarn is finer than aran weight yarn. Worsted yarn is often knit on 4.5mm needles with a gauge of 4.5-5 stitches per inch. Aran weight yarn is thicker and often loftier than worsted yarn.

Can you double fingering yarn?

Fingering held doubled is therefore the equivalent of 200 m/100 g or worsted-weight yarn.

What size is a fingering yarn?

Fingering weight yarn is defined as yarn for needle sizes 2.25 – 3 mm (U.S. size 1-3) and about 360 – 480 yards per 100 grams. Typically it’s a 4-ply yarn and is often also called “superfine yarn”, “sock yarn”, or “baby yarn”.


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