What is the difference between double knit and chunky wool?

How can I tell what kind of yarn I have?

Smell the yarn as it burns to see if it smells like wood or hair.

  1. Cotton, linen, hemp, jute, and rayon are all similar.
  2. Silk smells sort of similar to charred meat or burning hair.
  3. Wool and other animal fibers always smell like hair or feathers.
  4. Acetate smells kind of like paper and vinegar.

What is 3 ply yarn used for?

Two-ply: A 2-ply cable is a big step up from a single-ply cable. There are edges to these cables, but they really don’t stand up. Three-ply: A 3-ply (or more) yarn makes the best cables and textured stitches. They roll in and push up.

What is flocked material?

Flock is the name given to very short fibers, either from fabric-making waste or created from rags. A flocked fabric is one on which flocking has been applied with an adhesive, either all over or in a pattern. A common flocked print is dotted swiss. Any fabric weight can be used.

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