What is Yoh and draw up a loop?

It means that you are wrapping your working yarn around your crochet hook and drawing it through the crochet work to create a loop on your hook. That’s it. It’s simple – you are literally “drawing up a loop”, through the work – a loop that you have created from yarn.

Can a left-handed person crochet?

Left-handed crochet is as common as the number of people who are naturally left-handed. In spite of this, most crochet instructions are written for right-handed crafters. As a leftie, it can feel like the craft world has left you out.

How do you crochet a granny square left-handed?

How do you start a second row when crocheting left-handed?

What does MDS mean in crochet?

mds – meaning rounds. Please note for the above 2 abbreviations this is a font issue.

What is triple crochet?

A treble crochet (sometimes called triple crochet) is taller than a double crochet and is made by working two yarn overs at the start of the stitch, instead of one yarn over as for double crochet. It is abbreviated tr.

How do you lace rawhide?

How do you tie leather together?

How do you lace a shoe with a ladder?

How do you knit a fur stitch?

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