Are crochet socks comfortable?

What’s the easiest way to knit socks?

How long should I knit socks?

For the best fit, a sock for an adult should measure about 10 percent—practically speaking, that corresponds to about 1” (2.5 cm)—smaller than the actual leg or foot circumference, and about 1/2” (1.3 cm) shorter than the actual foot length.

Should you crochet or knit socks?

Knitting is better suited to making socks than crochet, mainly due to the differences between knitted and crocheted fabric. Crochet doesn’t stretch the way knitting does, so it’s much harder to get crocheted socks to fit well.

How do you knit socks on straight needles for beginners?

Can you knit socks on circular needles?

Have you tried knitting socks on two circular needles? Yes, it’s possible! And it may be easier for you if you have trouble working with double-pointed needles (dpns). It’s also an excellent skill to have in your back pocket when you really want to make that sock pattern, but the dpns are busy with another project.

Should you block knitted socks?

Blocking your socks is entirely optional but I like to do it for two reasons: During the first wash fibers relax and the fabric becomes softer and even. Blocking also gives the knit it’s form and opens up the stitch pattern so that it does not look like a wrinkly mess.


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