What happens if you use the wrong size knitting needles?

What can I knit with size 6 needles?

Size 6 Knitting Needle Patterns (3.9 or 4.0 mm)

  • Effortlessly Elegant Belted Sweater.
  • Easy Holiday Knit Slippers.
  • One Skein, No Purl Scarf.
  • Knitted Baby Cardigan.
  • Audrey Hat.
  • The Aunt Dahlia Knit Cozy.

What size needles for aran weight yarn?

Knitting needle sizes for yarn

Yarn Weight Yarn Names Metric Needle Size
Yarn Weight10 ply Yarn NamesWorsted, aran Metric Needle Size4.5 – 5.5mm
Yarn Weight12 ply Yarn NamesChunky, bulky Metric Needle Size5.5 – 8mm
Yarn Weight14 ply Yarn NamesSuper chunky, super bulky Metric Needle Size8 – 12.75mm

What style of knitting is aran?

Aran knitting patterns are heavily textured knitting patterns which are named after the Aran Islands, which are located off the west coast of Ireland from County Galway and County Clare. The patterns are knitted into socks, hats, vests, scarves, mittens, afghans, pillow covers, and, most commonly, sweaters.

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