Does garter stitch have a right and wrong side?

The look of Garter Stitch

The stitches on the right and wrong sides are mirrors and it is their own structure which will create the hollows (the “v”) and the ridges (“wavelet”) and which will give the garter stitch an identical appearance whatever side we look at.

Does garter stitch look the same on both sides?

Garter stitch lies flat and is totally reversible, meaning that both sides look the same. The resulting fabric is very stretchy both length-wise and width-wise. Garter stitch lays flat and is totally reversible. Garter stitch is made up of alternating rows of knits and purls.

What is the difference between Moss stitch and Seed stitch?

Both are easy to learn and easy to remember. So what’s the difference between seed stitch vs moss stitch? Seed stitch involves one row of knit, purl followed by one row of purl, knit. Moss stitch, on the other hand, uses two rows of knit, purl before switching to two rows of purl, knit.

How do you do a mattress stitch in knitting?

What is the difference between garter stitch and stockinette stitch?

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