How many stitches do you need for a blanket square?

How do you count stitches?

Which is the wrong side in knitting garter stitch?

All knitted fabric has a right and I wrong side, the right side is what is seen on the outside and the wrong side is unseen, on the inside. In stockinette stitch the right side is easy to find, it’s the flat side, however in garter stitch, both sides look the same, so how do you tell right from wrong in garter stitch?

How do you knit backwards in garter stitch?

How do you knit a rib stitch for beginners?

What does knit 1 Purl 1 look like?

What is the difference between Moss stitch and Seed stitch?

Both are easy to learn and easy to remember. So what’s the difference between seed stitch vs moss stitch? Seed stitch involves one row of knit, purl followed by one row of purl, knit. Moss stitch, on the other hand, uses two rows of knit, purl before switching to two rows of purl, knit.

What is Blackberry stitch in knitting?

Trinity stitch is one common name for a stitch that is also sometimes called a cluster stitch, bramble stitch, raspberry stitch, or blackberry stitch. Whatever you call it, it is formed by working multiple stitches into one stitch, then decreasing the same number of stitches. The look is puffy and full of texture.

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