Is garter stitch the same as purl?

Can you knit a blanket with straight needles?

You can make a blanket on either long straight needles or circular needles. If using straight needles, make sure they are long enough to accommodate the entire width of the blanket without bunching up too much. This is probably the best choice for beginners, because it makes it easy to handle the needles.

How do you join knitted garter stitch squares?

What is the difference between SSK and knit two together?

What does yo k1 mean in knitting?

What is the difference between garter stitch and stockinette stitch?

How do you knit st st?

How do you read a Japanese knitting chart?

The Japanese charts work just like English-language charts, because it’s how knitting works — you start at the lower right corner with the first stitch, building stitches from right to left, then (if working flat) you read the next row from left to right and invert the stitches (a knit on the right side is a purl on

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