Is spinel a rare gem?

Is pink spinel natural?

Pink Spinel is from deposits near Mahenge in the Ulanga District of Tanzania’s Morogoro Region. A limestone plateau famed for producing fine Spinel, the gemstone deposits near the town of Mahenge were first discovered in 1989. Pink Spinel is also totally natural, which further increases its rarity.

Is spinel man made?

Man-made spinel is used extensively. Discovered accidentally when scientists were experimenting to try and produce a flame-fusion blue synthetic sapphire, spinel’s great advantage is that it can be made to reproduce almost all colors except purple.

Why does June have 3 birthstones?

Why does June have 3 birthstones? The main reason why some months have multiple birthstones is because various ancient stones have become too rare, so it is less likely for them to be available on the market and to satisfy consumer needs.


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