Where is yellow tourmaline found?

Yellow tourmaline can occur wherever tourmaline is found, but the finest specimens have been found in Africa, particularly in Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and Nigeria. Specimens have also been found in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Is golden topaz same as yellow sapphire?

Topaz is a similar-looking, but much cheaper version of yellow sapphire, this gemstone is easily available and doesn’t cost much. On the Mohs scale, the hardness of topaz is 8.0 which is less than the Yellow Sapphire. It is a semi-precious gemstone that is found in abundance and so is not much expensive.

How can I tell if my yellow topaz is real?

One way to identify the real topaz is to place it on a white cloth opposite the sun’s rays. If after some time a dark yellow light appears on the back of the handkerchief, then it means that the topaz is real. If the topaz is fake, then this light will look very light or it will not be visible at all.

What is the rarest gemstone?

Musgravite. Musgravite was discovered in 1967 and is arguably the rarest gemstone in the world. It was first discovered in Musgrave Ranges, Australia, and later found in Madagascar and Greenland.

What is the rarest color of topaz?

What is the rarest color of topaz? Imperial Topaz, also known as Precious Topaz is the rarest and most valuable of the Topaz family, coming in colors ranging from golden yellow to the extremely prized sherry pink color.


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