Why are spinels expensive?

Is spinel a semi precious stone?

Spinel, traditionally considered as ‘semi-precious’, is a fine gem that is rapidly growing in popularity. Spinel has a bright vitreous lustre and can be found in a wide array of colours including red, blue, violet, and pink.

How can you tell if a gemstone is natural or synthetic?

Synthetic gemstones are more likely to be rich and vivid in color, and are virtually inclusion or blemish-free when you look at them. Almost always, natural gemstones will have some type of inclusion or color differentiation.

What is normal spinel?

Normal spinel structures are usually cubic close-packed oxides with eight tetrahedral and four octahedral sites per formula unit. The tetrahedral spaces are smaller than the octahedral spaces. B ions occupy half the octahedral holes, while A ions occupy one-eighth of the tetrahedral holes.


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