How do you praise someone professionally?

How much does Ted Gibson charge for a haircut?

Celebrity stylist Ted Gibson’s haircuts command $2,400 a pop at his Los Angeles salon on La Brea Avenue.

Who cuts Jennifer Aniston’s hair?

Of course, it all began on the TV show Friends, where “The Rachel” cut—her shaggy, honeyed bob—cemented her as the hair icon she is today. That ’90s crop was crafted by none other than her longtime hairstylist Chris McMillan, who sought to help Aniston grow out her bangs with a transformative, editorial-worthy cut.

How do hairdressers get rich?

How to Make More Money as a Hairstylist: 7 Tips To Get More Value For Your Efforts

  1. Find ways to upsell or cross-sell.
  2. Make it easier to book services.
  3. Reduce your salon overheads.
  4. Find a niche that sets you apart from competitors.
  5. Expand your service offerings.
  6. Start a loyalty program.
  7. Sell gift certificates.

Aug 14, 2020


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